26 October 2010

Defining Sin

Very simply stated, sin is the action that flows from the attitude that my selfish, greedy, and irreverent relationship with any of God’s creatures replaces God’s own relationship with them. . .
Sin is how we violate, ignore, and freely choose to replace God’s prior relationship with an object or person with my own self-centered blueprint.

--Larry Gillick, S.J.

25 October 2010

A prayer by Teilhard de Chardin

I pray, O Master,
that the flames of hell
may not touch me
or any of those whom I love,
and even that they may never touch anyone.
(And I know, my God,
that you will forgive this bold prayer.)

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

23 October 2010

Further on Freedom

Re yesterday's post, the only thing I keep forgetting is the necessity of making a distinction between willing abandonment and simple resignation. I think, possibly, some people are only resigning themselves, not really abandoning themselves to God. Abandonment I imagine as a positive action and resignation a passive one.

22 October 2010

On Defining Freedom

". . .freedom. . . the moment when an unforeseen act of self-abandonment occurs." This was in an online article for Poetry magazine by Fanny Howe. I'm not sure it needs to be an unforeseen action; could we not choose it? to give ourselves over entirely to God? could such a definition be close to what Jesus was urging and promising? It's very attractive.

03 October 2010

Loyola: on how God planned to save our souls

God created us
to praise, reverence, and serve God
and in this way to save our souls.
God created all of the rest of creation
to help us achieve the purpose for which
God created us.